All our softwares are now running without bugs. If you have any doubt, please scan the site and downloads using  the BitDefender Virus Scanner present as a gadget on our site. You can also use the Trend-Micro Virus Scanner.

Download everything freely!

Serial Function for most softwares has been removed

We have launched non serial edition of some of our softwares. The softwares with this facility are-

  • PassKeep
  • QuiKNote
  • Desktop Locker

This is FYI,

Desktop Locker is actually the same old PrivacyKeeper, but has got a beautiful renovation and better interface with Windows 7 support.

It is now supported with a powerful code which cannot be backgrounded.

This always remains on top and nothing, yeah, not even the Task Manager can kill this process!
Alt+Tab will not work. Win+Tab will not work.
Our program is totally fool-proof and secure. You can lock your desktop with a password.

Be VERY CAREFUL!! No one can crack your password. Not even us. So if you forget your password, you have just screwed up your system (A system shutdown or restart won't work because the data is written to the registry).


Desktop Locker is only meant to keep your privacy and protect it from unwanted people or hackers. I say again, never forget your password, or else you will have to send your system to its manufacturer!

We hope you understand that this is a very powerful software and messing around with it will lead to problems.

Thanks for all your support. Old serial numbers will not work. Please mail us again to get new serials. (We know that PrivacyKeeper was very popular and hope that its sequel, the Desktop Locker, will be even more better!)


Good news guys,
Desktop Locker has launched! Have fun!
People, download it so that you can protect your computer.
Thanks for all your support.

Good news guys,
Network Pinger has launched! Have fun!
People, download it so that you can test your network strength.
Thanks for all your support.

700 views from India!! Great guys!

Hello guys,

We have been working on something new. Something that all geeks need on their desktop.
We have made a Network Pinger for you guys and I am sure you will like it. It has got a smooth interface and cool design.

Just working around with (debugging), so no one gets to complain.


Yeah guys, we are having a LOT of FUN!!!!!!! 29 downloads of PassKeep and 15 downloads of Library Management System!
I wish all of us a BOMB of Good LUCK!!

We are very happy to announce the start of our promotion again. You do not have to register to download. Just mail us for the free serial number.

Promotion started guys! Have fun.

Hello Mr. Tom
I am Abhinav from India. Actually Tom we can start promotion but you require registration facility for providing the Serial keys which are free of cost (We just have the serial key facility to keep a record).
If you don't want to register you can mail us to 
This is only valid for you 

Thank you.
Dioxide95 Coding Team

Check the "Help" section for more information.

Abhinav has a great contribution in making the Log-In system and "Help" available.

Our website is simplified. Thanks, Abhinav!

We have removed the "Progress Bar" software because it contains some bugs.

Please delete it from your system immediately.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Now Registration feature is started
Please Register to download

Hello all,

We have new softwares available now. Also, we have removed the "PrivacyKeeper" software because of some bugs. We are trying to fix it soon and will inform you when it gets done.